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Mission Statement
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Mission Statement

The Clone Rights United Front began as a one issue “reproductive rights organization.  This credo was spelled out in “The Clone Bill of Rights” which appeared on our first leaflet issued in opposition to the first legislation proposed in the USA that would make cloning a human being a felony punishable by four to seven years imprisonment.

That simple statement, years later, remains the fundamental principle around which we organize:


1.           Every person's DNA is his or her personal property. To have that DNA cloned into another extended life is part and parcel of his or her right to control his or her own reproduction.

2.           Constitutionally, that right is assigned to neither state legislatures, nor to the federal government, nor to religious authorities. It is "reserved" to each and every citizen, to decide if, how and when to reproduce.

3.           Research, not rhetoric, and/or freedom-limiting legal restrictions, is the only way to discover the real effects of cloning. Restrictions on research into cloning of humans should not even be considered unless real social harm can be demonstrated.

Since the announcement of the birth of  Dolly in early 1997, the cloning debate has greatly expanded. 

In late 1998, scientists announced that they had isolated and cultivated stem cells, the basic cells of human life, for the first time. 

Concurrently, stem cell research and genetic engineering of both animals and plants have become the focus of intense public debate.

 This debate, the same one revolving around the issue of cloning a human being, threatens science’s freedom to inquire and medicine’s freedom to heal.

 Therefore, the fight for the freedom of science is our fight!

 Therefore, the fight for the freedom of medicine to incorporate scientific findings into its practice is our fight!

 All this is part and parcel of our defense of every individual’s right to know their options and to make their own decisions.

This is our mission.  Join us today.  Together we will make history!

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